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How does the project work?

Young unemployed candidates are proposed by Jobcentre Plus, other employment organisations and often previous KELP trainees. After interview eight are selected by Kotuku for their suitability for manual work and overall commitment.

Trainees then undertake a two week "environmental boot camp" during which they:

  • Acclimatise to the pattern of a full working day
  • Visit construction sites
  • Receive comprehensive health and safety training
  • Sit the CITB-ConstructionSkills Health, Safety & Environment test
  • Complete the CITB-ConstructionSkills 1 day Site Safety Plus course
  • Carry out practical tasks and achieve their CSCS Labourers Green Card
  • Visit a Materials Recycling Facility
  • Learn about sustainability
  • Learn about waste management and achieve a Certificate of Environmental Awareness
  • Have a detailed evaluation of their own skills and ambitions

They are then taken into full time employment by selected employers on a fixed term 26 week contract. Each employee must be paid at least the national minimum wage (currently £6.50 per hour for workers aged 21+ and £5.13 per hour for workers aged 18-20). Throughout this period they receive regular visits and support from Kotuku.

Since July 2012 we have completed 13 programmes, during which:

  • 96 young unemployed completed the training
  • 91 achieved their CSCS Labourers Green Card
  • 82 achieved Kotuku’s Certificate of Environmental Awareness
  • 84 were placed in full time employment

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