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Kotuku Projects

Kotuku is involved in a number of practical and educational projects designed to reduce the amount of waste produced by the building industry.

The Cafe Van

Waste is endemic in the construction industry, and with growing concern for the sustainability of construction and ever-tougher landfill regulations, something has got to be done about it. But what? Kotuku spent two years researching the problem and came up with a novel solution - the Cafe Van.
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KELP stands for Kotuku Environmental Labourer Project. It is an innovative idea to recruit long term unemployed into the construction industry.
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Ask The Fellows...

Kotuku spent two years researching the problem of waste in the construction industry. They cycled 450 miles round the streets of four London boroughs logging every building site and interviewing the people there.
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Environmental consultancy

Kotuku provides a bespoke environmental consultancy service.
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How to write and manage a Site Waste Management Plan

An IEMA certified one day training course run by Kotuku at Powerday’s new Old Oak materials recycling facility.
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The 1000th Certificate

In May 2011 the Cafe Van project reached an important milestone: the awarding of its 1000th Certificate of Environmental Awareness.
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