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Cafe Van

Want to cut construction waste? Then sit down with a nice cup of tea...

The Cafe Van

Waste is endemic in the construction industry, and with growing concern for the sustainability of construction and ever-tougher landfill regulations, something has got to be done about it. But what?

Kotuku spent two years researching the problem and came up with a novel solution - the Cafe Van - which travels around building sites delivering short and snappy presentations on waste minimisation and recycling materials to site workers and managers. Arriving with drinks and sandwiches, Kotuku takes over the site’s tea break to deliver three interactive presentations on resource efficiency in building.

The Cafe Van has proved extremely successful:

  • 88% of participants stated that the presentations influenced the way they will work on site
  • knowledge of construction-related environmental issues (almost) doubled among participants
  • over 90% said they would like to learn more about environment issues.

The programme received industry recognition when it was shorlisted for Building Magazine’s Sustainable Innovation of the year award 2006.

  • We have now awarded over 1000 certificates of environmental awareness.
  • We have visited over 80 sites and made over 250 presentations.
  • We have trained 82 different trades and professions.

The project is suitable for all types of projects and companies. We have presented on small domestic refurbishments and multi million new-builds.

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